Other Visas

  • Returning Resident Visa
    • For former Australian permanent residents who wish to return to Australia as permanent residents
  • Temporary Graduate Visa
    • For eligible recent graduates of an Australian education institution who wish to stay and work in Australia temporarily after completing their studies
  • Student Visa
    • For students who have obtained a place in an Australia school and wish to pursue their studies there
  • Student Guardian Visa
    • For parents or relatives who wish to be a guardian for a student (age 18 years and older) who is studying in Australia
  • Visitor Visa
    • For people who wish to travel to Australia for the purpose of sightseeing, holidaying, visiting friends and relatives, or other short-term non-working activities
  • Sponsored Training Visa
    • For people who wish to go to Australia through a professional development program or to undertake workplace based training
  • Medical Treatment Visa
    • For people traveling to Australia for medical treatment (up to 12 months validity)
  • Event Organisers and Participants
    • For event organisers and participants who are travelling to Australia for conferences, meetings and special events

General Skilled Migration

Business and Investment Migration

Family Visas