Migration Services

At AIMS, we provide various migration services to cater to your unique migration profile and needs.
Ranging from individual to business and investment migration and even passport programs,
we got you all covered.

Skilled Migration

Leverage on your skills and experience to contribute to the economy of your desired country. Countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand are constantly welcoming skilled workers from a wide and diverse list of occupations. The importance of skilled migrants is to mitigate gaps in economy and fill up skills shortages to offset the effects of an ageing population, improve labour productivity as well as address the needs of regional areas.

The determining factors for your migration eligibility varies based on the country you choose to migrate to. However, there are some common things to look out for. The main factors to consider are age, employment history, education and English language abilities. As each country has a list of jobs that qualify for skilled migration, it is important to monitor the occupation lists provided by the respective countries.

Business and Investment Migration

The benefits of obtaining permanent residency or citizenship in another country allow business owners and investors to have ease of travel and the ability to conduct as well as set up businesses with the support of the government. The benefits extend to family members enjoying subsidized health care, education and an overall quality of life.

Business and investment migration comes in different forms and options, and they vary based on the destination country. Some common options include investing in government approved bonds or projects, purchasing properties and setting up businesses with minimum stipulated turnovers.

Why choose AIMS?

Our committed team of immigration professionals are experienced with the entire migration process, offering relevant advice and guidance at every stage. We harness our expertise and knowledge of migration laws to help you better understand and decide on the best visa option for your migration needs.

We understand that our customers are busy individuals, so we are here to ease the burden of deciphering complicated jargon and documentation requirements. Life goes on with the reassurance that your migration process is safe in our capable hands.

Free Consultation

If you are keen to migrate, we provide a free of charge consultation to help determine your eligibility for your desired destination.

During the discussion, our Immigration Consultants will provide:

  • A thorough assessment of your personal profile and experience
  • Analysis on your eligibility requirements for your desired visa program(s)
  • The breakdown of the entire visa application and service costs
  • The estimated application processing time
  • The various stages involved in the entire visa process

Our Immigration Consultants provide professional advice and guidance to assist you in maximising your chances of success.

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Complex Process

There are various types of visas available and the process of applying for one is extremely complicated. For instance, in Australia alone, there are over 100 types of visas available.

We help you cut through the clutter, and assist to execute the necessary steps and documentations required for each stage of the process.

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Time Consuming

The entire visa application process is time consuming with various actions to be carried out and documentation to be submitted along the way.

Depending on the country and circumstances, the process could range from eight months to two years. We are here to ease that burden and ensure that life goes on as it should, freeing up valuable time that can instead be spent on personal hobbies or with friends and family.

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Minimum delays and minimised costs

Applications fees paid to the Department of Immigration are non-refundable regardless of your application’s outcome.

Any inaccuracy or errors in documentation will cause delays and affect the outcome of your application. To prevent delays and minimise costs, we harness our considerable knowledge and experience to present your case in a favourable and comprehensive manner.

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Professional service

Your interests are our prime concern. There are no compromises when it comes to the welfare of our clients. Our commitment to offering you an effective, professional migration consulting service is paramount.

You will be updated of your application status throughout the various stages.

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Customised applications

Obtaining a visa that gives you the right to live and work in a different country is an extremely complicated process. The steps required to

navigate the Migration Visa Application process can be an overwhelming task. While immigration criteria are supposedly designed to be transparent and easily understood, the reality remains that the process involves many different rules and regulations that are strictly enforced at every step of the way. Most countries have numerous visa categories or permits providing legal entrance and residence, each dependent on individual circumstances. It is thus vital to apply for the program that best fits your profile and objectives.

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Expertise in Migration and Visa Law

Our team of visa specialists have a wealth of expertise with visa applications. We know how to position your profile and information in the most favourable manner that would help your case be approved in a timely manner.

This can make the difference between a rejected application and obtaining approval within your desired time frame.

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Up to the minute knowledge

We constantly monitor amendments to Migration Laws and are thus aware when there are any changes that may affect the timing or status of your application.

Be it changes to points systems, immigration regulations or introduction of new quotas, we have our finger on the pulse of all immigration-related issues.

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Commitment to success

Our team at AIMS offers professional advice that comes from over 13 years of experience in advising individuals, families, businesses and corporations.

Our friendly team is here to help you avoid the pitfalls and numerous stumbling blocks of the visa application process. You may have already looked at the Department of Immigration website and wondered which visa program you qualify for, and which criteria you would need to consider. Misunderstanding rules and regulations may result in visa applications being rejected. This can lead to undue stress, loss of job opportunities and wastage of funds. Therefore, AIMS is here to alleviate your concerns and help you migrate to the country of your dreams!

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