Important Notice

It has come to our attention that there are companies overseas claiming to be part of AIMS Group. AIMS has 10 offices across Singapore (HQ), Cambodia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam and China. For clients, partners, and vendors who wish to work with AIMS China, we have 2 offices located in Beijing and Shanghai, contact details and addresses can be found via the AIMS Offices button. Please contact us directly for further enquiries or clarifications.

Who we are


We are 300 in strength with our presence in 10 offices across 8 countries, and counting.



We are a one-stop solution for both relocation and migration concerns.

What We Do


We provide personalized solutions catered to every individual need.

Business Migration

As businesses grow in size and strength, the next step would be to look across borders and make expansion plans. AIMS is here to be your partner in industrial, agricultural and business relocation; covering all aspects from infrastructure planning, sourcing of agricultural businesses, finding office spaces to obtaining licenses, labour and machinery. Focus on making your business prosper, leave the rest to AIMS

Corporate Mobility

AIMS ensures that your employees or potential employees relocate safely and have a smooth transition to their new host country. From work visa approvals to home and school search assistance to even pet relocation, we are there with them at every step of the way. High standards of quality services are assured and overseen by AIMS HQ in Singapore, ensuring excellence regardless of location or destination.

Personalised Services from Start-To-End

In a world of countless options, you may think, why AIMS?

Here are the 12 pillars of our relocation solutions. Let AIMS be at your service.

Easy Initiation

Access AIMS portal easily through mobile or desktop to submit initiation.

Trusted Relocation

Every individual receives a dedicated relocation support specialist to see them through their entire relocation journey.


Because every move
is different.


We provide relocation data and information that is relevant to your business and relocation.


Every byte of your data is confidential and secured.

Real-Time Relocation Report and Tracker

Retrieve reports and real-time updates on each relocation process with just one click.


Receive detailed reminders and updates on each relocation milestone.

Quality Control and Assurance

You rate, we listen, we enhance.


Our services continue to be available after you have relocated.

24/7 Ongoing Subscription Support

We have solutions for all your individual and business needs

Privileged Access to AIMS Partner Benefits

We have everything you need during your assignment under one roof.


Have the most updated immigration news at your fingertips.