About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is located in southeastern Europe and is a member of the European Union (EU) and World Trade Organization. The national currency is the lev, which is strongest and most stable currency in Eastern Europe. Bulgaria has a rich cultural heritage and history with Greek, Ottoman, Persian and Slavic influences. As the country with the lowest tax burden of the EU, Bulgaria can be an attractive option for those seeking a second passport. It is also part of the Schengen zone, which allows for free and unrestricted movement within 28 European countries.

Total Population


Area/Size (km2)


Official Languages


Local Currency

BGN (лв)

Visa Free Travel

157 countries

Bulgaria Passport Program

Type of visa: Citizenship

Obtaining a second passport can be advantageous for many reasons. Some perks include ease of travel and the ability to conduct and set up businesses with the support of the government. Citizenship by investment is becoming increasingly common these days. Having a second passport can be especially beneficial if your home country faces political strife or instability.

Investment Amount

Bonds €1,022,584

Investment Duration

3 years


Children below age 18

Residency Requirement

1 visit each year