Singapore Education Update

New Diploma for Early Childhood Educator will be Launched Very Soon!

The centralised training institute for pre-school teachers, National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC), has curated a set of core modules to equip would-be educators and will be launching a new diploma programme next year.

According to a press release on Friday (May 10), the NIEC, which will have a faculty strength of 100, will begin operations in January 2019. As part of its responsibilities, it has reviewed the existing early childhood courses to ensure coherence in curriculum coverage and standards.

To this end, it has curated a set of core modules that will form the foundation for all diploma-level training – whether through Pre-Employment Training (PET) or Continuing Education and Training (CET).

Some of these modules include child safety, health and socio-emotional wellbeing, language and literacy and social emotional learning, according to the press release.

“Beyond equipping students with the professional knowledge and skills to take on the role of a pre-school educator, the core modules will feature a strong emphasis on practice-based learning,” NIEC said, adding the modules will help the students understand the development needs of the entire age spectrum including the very early years.

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